Industrial IoT Gateway

Minimize the volume of data that needs to be transferred on to the cloud

When every day there are billions of IoT connected devices in function, we are no doubt to enter the world of IoT. Among these IoT systems, one of the most critical components of future internet of things systems may be the IoT gateway. IoT gateway is important in the context of fog computing. When these IoT devices with sensors that generate tens of thousands of data points per second, an IoT gateway provides a place to preprocess that data locally at the edge before sending it on to the cloud. That means data could be aggregated, summarized and tactically analyzed at the edge, the IoT gateway could minimize the volume of data that needs to be transferred on to the cloud. In this way, companies could reduce a huge amount of cost in response times and network transmission. Another benefit of IoT gateway is that it can provide additional security services for the IoT networking system and data transportation. Because the IoT gateway manages information moving in both directions, it can protect data moving to the cloud from leaks or IoT devices from being compromised by outside attacks. Besides that, it also could work with features such as tamper detection, encryption, a hardware random number of generators, or crypto engines. HawkeyeTech as an IoT developer, with years of experience in designing the IoT Gateway for Custom Applications by considering performance, cost, and efficiency, provides our customers with the best selection of IoT Gateway product series.

Recommended Products

Rugged Fanless Network System with Marvell CN8030 (MIPS64) Quad-Core SoC and WiFi & Cellular Options


    • 1x Marvell MIPS CN8030 Processor (1.5GHz, 4C)
    • 4GB DDR4 RAM
    • 8x GbE RJ45 Ethernet Ports
    • 2x GbE Combo (RJ45+ SFP) Ethernet Ports
    • 8GB eMMC Storage
    • 1x RJ45 Console
    • 1x Wi-Fi Module (mPCIe)
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Rugged & Compact Multi-Wireless Edge IoT Gateway Based on NXP i.MX 6ULL (ARM A7) Single-Core SoC


    • 1x NXP Processor (i.MX 6ULL, Single Core ARM Cortex-A7, 900MHz, 128KB L2 cache)
    • 1x 512MB DDR3L Memory
    • 1x FE Ethernet Port
    • 2x SD Card (1x Micro SD & 1x Standard SD) Holders
    • 1x Wi-Fi Module (2T2R)
    • 1x Cat.4 Cellular Module (2T2R)
    • 1x NFC Dongle
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Rugged Edge IoT Gateway with NXP LS1043A (ARM A53) Quad-Core SoC with Wi-Fi/Cellular Option


    • 1x NXP ARM A53 LS1023/LS1043A Processor (1.4GHz, 2C/4C)
    • 4GB DDR4 RAM
    • 2x GbE RJ45 Ethernet Ports
    • 64GB eMMC Storage
    • 1x RJ45 Console
    • 1x Wi-Fi Module (M.2)
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